How are entrys in type dbp:artist updated?

Dear community, I am a researcher in collection data and. am currently researching Europeana’s Person IDs. The records are related to type dbp:artist in DBPedia. I tried to find out, if a person I edited in Wikidata is part of type dbp:artist in DBPedia and tried to use the SPARQL endpoint of DBPedia:

I tried the following query:

?artist rdfs:label “Helen Faulkner”@en

Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with SPARQL. How can I find out if a person is part of type dbp:artist? To my query there was no result. Does that mean, the person “Helen Faulkner” is not part of type dbp:artist?

I am also curious about how the entries of type dbp:artist are updated? Or, in other words, how can “Helen Faulkner” become part of type dbp:artist?

Thank you very much for your support, I am looking forward to your feedback.