GSoC2020 - Mentors & Project ideas wanted

Dear GSoC-family,

the timeline for the upcoming programme has been published and DBpedia intends to be part of next years GSoC edition. Are you in as well???

Please let us know by Monday, Dec. 16th if you …

a) want to be mentor/ co-mentor for us next year

b) have project ideas or

c) just want to be in the loop and decide later in case anything comes up

We are looking forward to working with you :slightly_smiling_face:



I am a PhD student at University of Liverpool and my interest is to work on knowledge graphs. I want to participate as a student in the coming google summer of code 2020 and in that regard, how can I start contributing to dbpedia open source projects ? I want to actively contribute to any of the open source projects of dbpedia. How can I start as a contributor ? My current skill set is in Python .

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Hi, great to hear that you want to participate. We submitted our application and need to wait for Google to announce which orgs will be joining the programm this year. After that (mid February) you can start looking at our project ideas and/or submitt your own.

PS: sorry for the late reply. i was on vacay