GSoC 2021 Projects: Blogs & GitHub repository available

Hi all,
If you want to have deeper insights into our GSoC student’s work and the progress of their projects, you
can find their blogs and repos as follows:

-DBpedia Spotlight Dashboard: an integrated statistical information tool from the Wikipedia dumps and the DBpedia Extraction Framework artifacts
-Modular DBpedia Chatbot
-Social Knowledge Graph: Employing SNA measures to Knowledge Graph
-Neural QA Model for DBPedia
-Lifecycle Management of DBpedia Neural QA Models
-Towards a neural extraction framework
-User Centric Knowledge Engineering and Data Visualization
-Web app to generate RDF from DBpedia abstracts
-DBpedia Live Neural Question Answering Chatbot
-Update DBpedia Sparql for newly updated wiki resources and specifically related to pandemic, healthcare, and heath AI fields

Check them out!

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