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Growth hack announced for Fall/Winter 2019:
The forum is one part of the growth hack!

A new blog post about the GlobalFactSync project is now published as part of the growth hack:

Part V of our growth hack series features DBpedia Live & its remastering. It has just been published here:

[Please forward to all people who have been waiting for new DBpedia releases.]

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Dear all,

we built a complex, automated, test-driven system around the DBpedia releases to allow the community to debug and extend the data and tools better. The system is partially implemented and documented, meaning:

  • from now on there will be monthly DBpedia releases

  • they are neither as complete as the last big release nor perfect , but decent and they will improve each month with your contribution

  • the system feels more effective as in: we found it much easier to locate and fix issues due to automatic testing URI patterns, N-Triples syntax and soon SHACL on Minidumps (triggered on software git commit) and on the final large dumps.

  • two former community extensions were submitted already: DBkWik and LinkedHypernyms

Only technical documentation is available at the moment. No summary statistics yet, i.e. we don’t know yet how well we are doing overall.

Also next week, 12th of September, DBpedia will meet at SEMANTiCS 2019

Switched to category for news