German Version offline?

Hi is the German version offline or crashed? At least I get timeouts since days.


Hi Rene,

yes. This will be discussed by Tabea at semantics2019 on the DBpedia Day in Karlsruhe. I hope that it will run at the end of September. Meanwhile you could have a look at the suggestion I gave here as a workaround Inconsistency in annotations (DBpedia Spotlight)

Hm. Okay, why I get an timeout? So you know that the service is not running correctly, how about to send the corresponding http error code e.g. 503?

Anyways, thanks for the answer.

Neither Johannes nor me know any details about the service. The domain points to a server in Berlin. That is why we have a forum now. Information can reach the right people better. I already sent the topic link to Harald/Tabea. They replied that they are working to fix it by Semantics.

@rspeck meanwhile you can load the data in the docker:
We are working on better collections, but you can already go to each dataset you want on scroll down, filter by language, add to collection and then click on Collections on top to export the unionized SPARQL query.

Thanks for the information. :+1:

for everyone who couldn’t make it to DBpedia Day in Karlsruhe.

The German Chapter is back online. Right now we are running a minimal setup as starting point for further developments. The most important information can be found on our website and the data can be accessed via our SPARQL endpoint.
To stay tuned about the German DBpedia chapter you could also consider following us on twitter.

Additionally, we are looking for contributors to improve and apply the German dataset. So feel free to contact us, if you have an interesting application or want to help us improving the dataset.

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The SPARQL endpoint is reachable under
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