German SPARQL down, & problem with Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint docker

I get a 502 proxy error when trying to use the German SPARQL (
Will this be fixed, and if so what’s the approximate timeframe (2 days/weeks/months)?

In an attempt to create a virtuoso instance which I can use on my own machine, I get the following error after running the docker compose commands:

Error S2801: [Virtuoso Driver]CL033: Connect failed to store:1111 = store:1111

I’m using a Mac with an M1 chip but using iterm with rosetta. Using the virtuoso open source docker image on its own works fine (no connectivity issues), I just get the issue when trying to use the dbpedia loader/installer in combination with virtuoso .

Thanks for all the great work!

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thank you for informing us about this issue with the German DBpedia. It seems like we had an issue with our virtuoso instance, which caused this 502 Error. It should work now again. Let us know if you encounter any other issues with using the German endpoint (or if your problem still isn’t resolved)

Unfortunately, I can not help you with your other issue, since my experience with the dbpedia loader is quite limited. But I am sure that others in this community can provide support about this issue as well.


Thanks for the reply! Seems to be working fine, great!

For the dbpedia loader, I fixed the problem: the virtuoso endpoint was exiting with a 137. Even when adjusting the variables VIRT_PARAMETERS_NUMBEROFBUFFERS, VIRT_PARAMETERS_MAXDIRTYBUFFERS in the config file (for some reason they were defaulting to the highest values, even when not explicitly defined). So I added them to the docker compose file as environment variables. Alternatively, editing the virtuoso.ini also worked.
The only problem now is the German DBpedia dump file from 10/2016 is giving me syntax errors when loading it into virtuoso. But as long as the public endpoint works, it’s not too much of a problem…

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