From a Top Wikipedia Category go 3 levels down and get all instances and an overview of all available taxonomies

I was just writing a complex query on DBpedia and it is time that we have a place to share them with the tag coolqueries:

SELECT DISTINCT ?instance ?label ?comment GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT ?s,"|") as ?wikicategories GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT ?dbo,"|") as ?DBpediaOntology GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT ?other,"|") as ?otherTax { 
FILTER (?cat =  <> ) .
#FILTER (?cat =  <> ) .
#FILTER (?cat =  <> ) .

# getting the instances and the en label
?instance dct:subject ?s .
?instance rdfs:label ?label . FILTER (lang(?label)="en") .
?instance rdfs:comment ?comment . # enable for en abstracts only FILTER (lang(?comment)="en") .

# DBpedia ontology
?instance rdf:type ?dbo . FILTER (?dbo LIKE <>). 

# other taxonomies 
?instance rdf:type ?other . FILTER (! ?other LIKE <>). 

# going down the hierarchy
{?s skos:broader ?cat }
{?s skos:broader/skos:broader ?cat  }
{?s skos:broader/skos:broader/skos:broader ?cat  }

GROUP BY ?instance ?label ?comment
LIMIT 10000

We should also include a live link for each query, ditto a query description link for entering the query editor.

Example, using the query above:

  1. DBpedia SPARQL Query Results Page
  2. DBpedia SPARQL Query Editor Page
  3. DBpedia Live SPARQL Query Results Page
  4. DBpedia Live SPARQL Query Editor Page

@kidehen, we should deploy yasgul:

It is quite good.