FOAF - Person dataset

I am a researcher person, working in Semantic web.

I was trying to download the dataset of person, but I had a problem.

In your site, you said it is an Information about 80,200 persons (date and place of birth etc.) extracted from the German Wikipedia, represented using the FOAF vocabulary.
I really appreciate if you could send it to me.

Hi @rouaawannous,
here are the artifacts that contain person data:

2016 is also a version with less errors. We will publish new data that is almost as good as 2016 in a week or so.

By the way, what i am looking forword for it is Person data contains name, birthDate, workPlace, interest, birthplace related to the FOAF Vocabulary model, or dbpedia person model
i am looking forword for data like that. If I am not wrong, what i have from you do not contain these data
Could you still help me in that?

@rouaawannous. The data you are looking for should be in these datasets. Like mappings/mappingbased literals

@jfrey this is a good use case for the bidirectional mappings we are working on. The databus client might allow to download as foaf same for or music rain.