Finding current owner of company using Dbpedia

I am hoping to find current owner of the company,
does dbpedia follows/preserves any order in presenting the dbo:owningOrganisation.
Like for NBC the current owner is Comcast but it was also once owned by General Electric.

I am currently using wikidata as it provides chronological order for ownership of company. with their startime and endtime qualifiers.

But their is accuracy issue for wikidata I was hoping to get the data from Dbpedia.
Thus want make sure if it strictly follows any chronological order given on wikipedia.

DBpedia uses structured data from Wikipedia infoboxes to generate its own data sets. However, the data in Wikipedia infoboxes can be inconsistent and sometimes incomplete (for eg, RCA was an owner but infobox provides no link to the organization wiki, which can lead to inaccuracies in DBpedia data.

In the case of company ownership, DBpedia usually lists all the known owners, without a specific timeframe. Regarding the presentation of ownership information, DBpedia generally includes all the available information regarding ownership for a particular company or organization, generated from Inboxes. Since the data is extracted from infoboxes, the order and companies would depend on the linked data and references on these infoboxes. As a result, it may not always be easy to determine the current owner of a company based solely on the information provided by DBpedia.

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DBpedia is a knowledge graph that extracts structured information from Wikipedia infoboxes, among other sources. While it aims to provide structured data enrichment CRM, it doesn’t always strictly adhere to a chronological order in presenting ownership information for companies.

The data in DBpedia may vary depending on the quality and consistency of the information available in Wikipedia infoboxes. While DBpedia can provide valuable insights into the ownership history of companies, it’s important to note that it might not always present the information in a chronological order.

If you’re looking for a strict chronological order of ownership history, Wikidata might be a better option since it allows for the addition of start time and end time qualifiers to statements, providing a more precise representation of the timeline of ownership changes.