Extract information about People and Organisation

I am trying to extract information associated with every People and Organisation instance present in DBpedia. I tried using SPARQL but it has a limit of 10000, but as I need the entire data it is not very helpful. I also tried searching through the databus but couldn’t figure out which one is appropriate for my use case.
I would greatly appreciate anybody’s help on this.
Thank you

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Using scripted SPARQL queries for extracting large data from DBpedia involves writing a script (Python) that sends multiple queries, each with an incremented OFFSET.It bypasses the 10,000-row limit.

I think this will help.
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Thanks a lot.

Hi @Neel_132,

You can explore the possibility of using the DBpedia Databus for accessing comprehensive data about People and Organizations. The Databus offers curated datasets beyond the limitations of SPARQL queries, providing a potential solution to your needs.