Energy scenarios database project

This posting is a stub to a longer posting: the objective here being to make contact with this community:

There is a small but growing field of research that builds energy system models to analyze current and as yet unrealized public policy options. And a subset of that field focuses open source development, open data, and open access publication. These models are necessarily exploratory, not predictive, and therefore rely on scenarios to represent current and future ambitions and constraints.

A recently completed project called SzenarienDB attempted to support the data management required by numerically‑based scenario analysis. The project made the scenarios themselves first class data objects, similar in fact to more prosaic data objects like weather timeseries and lists of photovoltaic installations. And, at the heart of the project, lies a detailed community-negotiated ontology. The backend architecture schematically:

A related project named LOD‑GEOSS — Linked Open Data and Use of the Global Earth Observation System GEOSS in Energy System Analyses — outlined here utilizes linked data.

The reason for posting is two fold. First that the SzenarienDB project might overlap with work being undertaken by the DBpedia Databus project. And second, the concept of scenarios and similar organizational objects might usefully be enabled or supported by DBpedia. If you see opportunities to work together, could you post below? TIA!