Dockerized DBpedia: Cannot upload large files through Virtuoso Conductor


I run dbpedia locally through Docker (using the instructions here), and it seems to run fine. I want to upload some datasets in a .ttl format through Virtuoso (conductor). When the file is approx 1 GB, I can upload it normally, but when I try to upload a larger file (like 3GB), I get a connection reset error almost instantly.

I am not sure why this happens. I am not sure if it’s the host OS (Windows) or the initial settings in virtuoso.ini or something different.

Please feel free to ask if more information is needed.


@pkleef Do you have any idea what we could change in the virtuoso.ini?

@thanasissdr I think it is not very natural to upload files of this size via webinterface. You should try bulk loader instead If you upload your data to databus and create your own collection this should work automatically.

@thanasissdr if the 3GB is open data, then the idea is to create a Databus account and upload the file into your space and create a combined collection.

Note that we are working on simplifying this. At the moment, the uploading is very technical.
We could upload it for you, if it is open data.