Discrepancy between query result and data file

When I ask if there is a triple matching this pattern, I get false.

At the same time, the triple is in the data file of the resource:

How could that be?

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Hi @kvistgaard,

It appears that the problem you’re facing could be attributed to a disparity between the URI utilized in your query and the factual URI corresponding to Antoine Watteau in DBpedia. To address this, you can utilize the following query:

ASK { dbr:Antoine_Watteau dbo:birthDate ?birthDate }

You can also execute another query to retrieve the actual birth date:

SELECT ?birthDate
dbr:Antoine_Watteau dbo:birthDate ?birthDate

You can aslo try this .This is a property-based search
SELECT ?birthDate
?artist rdfs:label “Antoine Watteau”@en ;
dbo:birthDate ?birthDate .