Difference between Ontology and Property

I’ve been looking through DBPedia and noticed that there are the same type of predicate (trying to avoid “property” here for clarity) in both the ontology and property domains. So for example, there are facts that are expressed by (s, <dbo: birthPlace>, o) and also (s, dbp:birthPlace, o). What’s the justification for having both of these?

@mitchell.dehaven As I understand it, <dbp> predicates are the values, taken from Wikipedia directly, with only very little adjustments. They are part of the generic dataset: infobox-properties

<dbo> predicates however are based on the mappings and ontology schema, part of the mappings dataset: mappingbased-objects, mappingbased-literals and specific-mappingbased-properties. They contain nicely formatted and high quality values, different to generic ones.

I think dbos are somewhat based on dbps, but there are cases where we have a dbo:birthPlace value, but not a db:birthPlace so I am not sure about that.

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