Develop Usecase for DBpedia Live Data - GSoC2021


Develop a Usecase for DBpedia Live Data


DBpedia Live is an API to retrieve and sync up-to-date structured data from Wikipedia. A point that is of particular interest here is that Wikipedia has become one of the most relevant and timely news sources of the world. Consistent with the true meaning of “Wiki” (quick), new events and information are added shortly after they happened, fake news and wrong facts are quickly corrected and information in general is maintained well.

DBpedia Live unlocks access to this speedy information by extracting and providing articles right after they were updated. Based on the current backend & API, we are looking for strong showcases and ideas to make this information user friendly.

The following list might provide a very rough idea of how DBpedia Live’s data can be leveraged.

  • Information on a specific market (Firms, relationships, relevant Events, etc.)
  • Geographical Location and Live-Data of recent disasters
  • Recent football player transfers

Again these are just some rough ideas, we strongly encourage you to be creative and develop your own project ideas.


  • Develop own ideas on how to best visualize and share the information
  • Implement the idea, making it a productive DBpedia App that is useful to a broad audience and showcase the technical capabilities of DBpedia and DBpedia Live

Warm Up Tasks

  • SPARQL Queries against DBpedia, get familiar with the data in use
  • Check out the DBpedia Live API reference
  • Write some simple API requests to learn about the potentials of DBpedia Live
  • Bonus: Create a small program periodically fetching and outputting data of interest from DBpedia Live

Sample API Requests

  1. List of Wikipedia resources, that were changed during the last hour:

    curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" > changed-resources-1h.json
  2. Filter resources for pages regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in specific countries:

    cat changed-resources-1h.json | jq '[ .[] | select(. | test("resource/COVID-19_pandemic_in_")) ]' > covid-resources-1h.json

    The json query (jq) is just a sophisticated way of filtering by name.

  3. Fetch RDF data for a list of DBpedia resources:

    curl -X POST "" -H "accept: application/n-triples" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @covid-resources-1h.json > covid.ttl


Alexander Winter

Maximilian Ressel


DBpedia, Visualization, Knowledge Graph, SPARQL


I just came across this project and I like the fact that there is a lot to explore and it’s open to a lot of possibilities. Can I contact the mentors through email for further discussions or is there any other preferred medium?

Hey, we are glad you are interested in the project. We would love to discuss some ideas with you. Sorry we forgot to add our emails into the project description, we will do that asap. You can contact us here:

Or you can send us a message on the DBpedia Slack Channel, which is probably more convenient.
Alex: Alex Winter
Max: Maximilian Ressel

Sure, thanks!