DBpedia's Dashboard Project Feedback (GSoC 2020)

Hello everyone!
I am @karankharecha and currently I am working on the dashboard of DBpedia, as a part of my Google Summer of Code’s project to get idea about the data quality, as DBpedia’s data is growing everyday!
I have developed the foundations of the dashboard by implementing few functionalities including some statistics of latest-core and interactive visualizations of ontologies.
This dashboard is not just a Google Summer of Code’s project but will also continue to grow to populate as much statistics about data cores as it can. It will include more statistical analysis and visualizations every day along with user interactivity.
Therefore, I request all the members of the community to give feedback on the dashboard that I have developed.
In feedback, please mention:

  1. …which functionalities should be included in the dashboard (i.e., What are your expectations from the dashboard?),
  2. … any improvements to the existing design,
  3. … extra statistics (metrics) that help DBpedia’s community members and other users to get more relevant idea about data cores,
  4. … or lastly anything that you all want on the dashboard that will make your tasks easier than before when dealing with DBpedia’s data.

The live dashboard can be accessed using this URL:

PS: This existing dashboard is just the beginning; with your feedback, I will implement more functionalities and make it robust. This dashboard can also be considered as centralized system depending on the functionalities. Please give feedback or any other thoughts so I can improve it.