DBPedia Spotlight Model on Maven under org.dbpedia

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Is it possible to upload the dbpedia-spotlight-services-1.0.0.jar from sourceforge jar to Maven Central as described here:

This can be done using the POM file from dbpedia-spotlight/dbpedia-spotlight-model/blob/master/pom.xml

Other DBPedia libraries are also listed in maven and searchable via: https://search.maven.org/search?q=org.dbpedia only the spotlight services are missing.

This will allow people to customize the DBPedia spotlight service by importing it in their java/scala code.
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I have created a github issue for this as well: https://github.com/dbpedia-spotlight/dbpedia-spotlight-model/issues/50

I would like to highlight that the currently available library on maven is not the dbpedia-spotlight-core from the pom file I listed above.

Hi @napsternxg,

Thanks for your message. You are right, the availability of DBpedia-Spotlight as a Maven repository will be beneficial for the community. I am working on it. Recently, we have been updating DBpedia-Spotlight projects, as consequence, some tasks are not covered at all. The main focus was on updating the language models and the DBpedia-Spotlight service. A pending task is to update the Maven repository. However, It will take some time to complete it.

Thanks @JulioNoe for the response. Let me know if I can send a PR for this.
I know there is an error in the pom.xml file which causes an error when building it locally.
This PR by you fixes this: https://github.com/dbpedia-spotlight/dbpedia-spotlight-model/pull/46

After using the changes in the PR I was able to build the various packages in dbpedia-spotlight-model:


I think there should be a package for each one of these under org.dbpedia.spotlight on Maven.

Hi @napsternxg

Thanks. Yes, you can send a PR, also I will do some updates to the project which include the pull/46 and some fixes for application/ld+json, application/n-triples request (which are disabled in the latest version). Thanks for your active participation.

Hi @JulioNoe,

Great I will send a PR next week.
I think we can use Github actions to continuously update maven central versions via https://docs.github.com/en/actions/guides/publishing-java-packages-with-maven

Do you have access to the OSSRH MAVEN_USERNAME and MAVEN_PASSWORD as suggested in that article. You will need to update those after the PR lands to get this to work.

Hi @napsternxg,

Thanks for the link, I will check it.