DBpedia spotlight long input returns code 414


I am running a local dockerized version of DBpedia spotlight, and I can annotate text just fine and retrieve the resources from the JSON result, as long as the input text is not too long. I get code 414 back.
Now I have written code that would basically split up my input into chunks, but this is quite messy and involves hitting the DBpedia spotlight many times. Is there a way to remove this restriction on my local version ? In order to be able to give it larger input texts? Right now it feels like it can do like 20 sentences at a time.

Thank you

Hi all, we do have the same issue. Any solution would be appreciated. Thanks, Ricardo

@ricardousbeck @crystyxn Spotlight is currently rebooted, but we are at a different construction site here, see: Consolidate Update Interval of DBpedia Spotlight

I added your request to Tasks for Volunteers so it is tracked. As in any open source project a good approach is to fix these things yourself and then push them. Maybe you are lucky and someone else jumps on it, now that it is recorded.