DBpedia Spotlight Google cloud deployment

I was trying to deploy

I pushed this docker image into google container registry and tried deploying it to Kubernetes Engine and Cloud run, but both failed.

I think maybe i should deploy it with some additional parametres? Does anybody know?

The error:


Pod errors: CrashLoopBackOff

Does not have minimum availability

but there is nothing in the logs

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As far as I can tell this has nothing to do with Spotlight but rather that you don’t have sufficient resources on your cluster (the first link when searching for “Does not have minimum availability” gcp is https://devops.stackexchange.com/questions/3980/what-does-does-not-have-minimum-availability-in-k8s-mean and says precisely this).

Apart from that I don’t know where your nginx-2 comes from because Spotlight doesn’t use nginx. But I suppose that’s just the name you gave to the deployment.

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