DBPedia SPARQL web interfaces down?

SPARQL queries have not worked in https://dbpedia.org/snorql/ and https://dbpedia.org/isparql/ reports a 404 for the past few days now.

Are these permanently off-line or maybe under maintenance?


moved here: https://github.com/dbpedia/extraction-framework/issues/673

I have a similar issue that is still happening. It seems that I can pass a URL+query string to your sparql endpoint and get a response, if and only if I am manually pasting it into my browser.

If instead, I have a Windows app that execs the default browser and passes the URL+query string as an argument to the command line, the query always fails.

I don’t know if this recent change (in the past few weeks) was intended to defend against bots, or if there’s some maintenance issue. I’m not a bot but I want to be able to automate some queries that are run when the user interacts with the app. Hence the exec.

Please let me know what behavior I should expect from the sparql endpoint. Thank you.

this seems to be a different issue as the other one was a 404 and related to HTTPS config changes. You refer to your own application.

Please submit your issue here: Hosting & Services

You would need to give us the queries that fail. If it is too vague, we can’t reproduce.