DBpedia-Search Web-client a RESTful Graphical User Interface (GUI)


Within the past few years, many patterns and principles have been proposed for the enhancement of search user interfaces and experience.
However, accessing and exploring information efficiently is still significantly challenging.
This GSoC project consists of developing a novel Web User Interface for DBpedia Search built on top of DBpedia-Search RESTful APIs.


Reading Material

Read the current papers on which SANTé is built as well as the repository:



Warm-up tasks

Before starting the warmup tasks let’s start with a community gathering. Make a post in this project call introducing yourself, giving a brief description of your previous experiences, skills, and why you would like to work on this project.

Fork the project and start by instantiating your own instance using one of the standards data sets such as FOAF ontology or Pokemon.
Try out the implemented APIs: DBpedia Lookup, Reconcile, Search and Suggest (check the repository).

Your proposal

Now that you have a good understanding of the current state of the project, we suggest you build your proposal by pondering on some of the following points, feel free to bring your own solutions to tackle the problems that the project faces.

How to develop a RESTful interface using the current DBpedia-Search APIs?

Which framework can be used (React, Angular, Vue…)?

Which search design partners can be used (Auto-Complete, Filter, …)?

How to divide it into components and modules so it can be extended and reused?

Examples of excellent proposals:

Additional information

  • Project size: according to your project scope (from 175 to 300)
  • Difficulty: medium


@edgardmarx, @pauloricardo, @ashutosh16399, @lahiruoshara

Feel free to contact us for more information. We eagerly look forward to working with you and contributing to making data accessible to all.

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I have an idea for a new interface, and I’m working on the project for it.


Ask @juliah to add you to the DBpedia slack channel and let’s discuss your proposal there.