DBpedia-Search API enhancement - GSoC2022


There are several knowledge bases currently published in RDF format and exploring this information is still challenging for non-RDF neither SPARQL users.
DBpedia-Search aims at facilitating information navigation, exploration, and seeking through DBpedia Knowledge base with natural language queries.
This GSoC project consists of enhancing DBpedia Search APIs by including tests, benchmarks, and additional functionalities.


Reading Material

Read the current papers on which SANTé is built as well as the repository:



Warm-up tasks

Before starting the warmup tasks let’s start with a community gathering. Make a post in this project call introducing yourself, giving a brief description of your previous experiences, skills, and why you would like to work on this project.

Fork the project and start by instantiating your own instance using one of the standards data sets such as FOAF ontology or Pokemon.
Try out the implemented APIs: DBpedia Lookup, Reconcile, Search and Suggest (check the repository).

Read the APIs specifications:

Your proposal

Now that you have a good understanding of the current state of the project, we suggest you build your proposal by pondering on some of the following points, feel free to bring your own solutions to tackle the problems that the project faces.

How the current APIs can be further enhanced?

Which other APIs can be integrated?

Which benchmarks and measures can be used to evaluate the results’ accuracy?

Examples of excelent proposals:

Additional information

  • Project size: according to your project scope (from 175 to 300)
  • Difficulty: medium


@edgardmarx, @pauloricardo, @ashutosh16399, @lahiruoshara

Feel free to contact us for more information. We eagerly look forward to working with you and contributing towards making data accessible to all.


Hello everyone!

My name is Ronit Banerjee and I am Computer Science Engineering Student at Academy of Technology, Kolkata. Contributed to several open-source programs such as GirlScript summer of code, JGEC Winter of Code and also participated and mentored in International Hackathons organised by MLH. I am fully motivated to contribute to DBpedia as a GSoC 22’ student.

I have been working as SDE in a startup in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur, also had experience in serving a New York based company as IT Consultant. You can see more details on my linkedIn profile [https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronitbanerjee/] or on Github [ronitblenz (Ronit Banerjee) · GitHub]

I have been going through the past year GSoC projects and am particularly interested in the API Enhancement project. Because it is closely related to my future research direction. And this programme will definitely help me to get experience and to add some value to the project.

Looking forward to discussing the project idea with you!

Best regards,
Ronit Banerjee

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Quick Update - I have Forked the repository and currently going through the Reconciliation Service API Docs to understand the project better as mentioned in the Warm-up Tasks. And the proposal is in progress.

Thanks and Regards,
Ronit Banerjee


Hello @ronitblenz,

thanks for your interest.
Let’s keep the communication on the DBpedia slack channel from now on.
If you still don’t have access, you can request it with @juliah or @tsoru.

Looking forward to work with you.



Thanks for the response. @emarx , I am joining the Slack channel shortly.

Please join here https://dbpedia-slack.herokuapp.com.

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Thanks @juliah I have joined the Slack.

Hello mentors and fellow participants. I’m Paraj Bhattacharjee, currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Academy of technology. While going through different projects in the idea list, this project really interests me. I have previously worked on search API’s, ranking words based on correlation and search statistics.
I’m exploring the repository and proceeding through the warm up tasks and exploring the SANTé. I believe I can integrate and further enhance the functionality of the platform, providing better search results. So I’m really excited to be a part in the project, and hope with your guidance I can make the platform better.
Linkedin:Paraj Bhattacharya
Thanks and Regards,
Paraj Bhattacharjee


Update :

  1. SANTe launched successfully with the version 0.0.1 of jar and war packages from the Snapshot.
  2. Version 0.0.2 has some issues in instantiating the Smile. (Bug Spotted)
  3. Issue created regarding the above problem, with proper commands and problem statements.
  4. Apart from that, did a short research on Semantic Web and how OWL and RDF together creates a Smart Data for Intelligent Automations.
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7th April
Update : Learned more about Semantic Search

  1. Regarding the Recall and Precision Intersection, which returns the relevant data that has been retrieved.
  2. Quantitative and qualitative improvement of Information retrieval
  3. Semantic metadata enable improvement of traditional keyword-based retrieval by
  • Query String Extension (increases recall) / Refinement (increases precision)
  • Cross Referencing
  • Exploratory Search
  • Reasoning

8th April Updates : @emarx @juliah @ashutosh16399 @lahiruoshara

  1. Learned the Fundamentals of RDF graphs.
  2. Understood the core idea of SPARQL Queries.
  3. Dived into common types of SPARQL Queries.
  4. Use of SPARQL to create or update RDF Data.
  5. Learned to work with Named groups.

Thanks and Regards,
Ronit Banerjee

Quick Update : I am writing my proposal, should take 2-3 days more. I will share the proposal with mentors as soon as it gets done.

Thanks and Regards,
Ronit Banerjee

Please, join the DBpedia slack channel and share your proposal, deadline is in 6 days.


I have submitted the GSoC proposal.
Thanks to the mentors for clearing every possible doubt.

Looking forward to working on this project