DBpedia-search API enhacement - GSoC 2023


There are several knowledge bases currently published in RDF format and exploring this information is still challenging for non-RDF neither SPARQL users.
DBpedia-Search aims at facilitating information navigation, exploration, and seeking through DBpedia Knowledge base with natural language queries.
This GSoC project consists of enhancing DBpedia Search APIs by including tests, benchmarks, and additional functionalities.


Reading Material

Read the current papers on which SANTé is built as well as the repository:



Warm-up tasks

Before starting the warmup tasks let’s start with a community gathering. Make a post in this project call introducing yourself, giving a brief description of your previous experiences, skills, and why you would like to work on this project.

Fork the project and start by instantiating your own instance using one of the standards data sets such as FOAF ontology or Pokemon.
Try out the implemented APIs: DBpedia Lookup, Reconcile, Search and Suggest (check the repository).

Read the APIs specifications:

Your proposal

Now that you have a good understanding of the current state of the project, we suggest you build your proposal by pondering on some of the following points, feel free to bring your own solutions to tackle the problems that the project faces.

How the current APIs can be further enhanced?

Which other APIs can be integrated?

Which benchmarks and measures can be used to evaluate the results’ accuracy?

Examples of excelent proposals:

Additional information

  • Project size: according to your project scope (from 175 to 300)
  • Difficulty: medium


@edgardmarx, @pauloricardo, @ashutosh16399, @lahiruoshara, Franz Wüstner, @tiwarisanju18

Feel free to contact us for more information. We eagerly look forward to working with you and contributing towards making data accessible to all.

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Hello !
I am Atharva, a Final Year B.Tech student at COEP. I am interested to contribute to DBpedia through GSoC’23 and I found this project idea to be quite interesting and would like to work upon the same. I have studied Data Science, DBMS in my college and I am good in python programming.


Hey everyone! I am Tausiq, currently an undergraduate student, so I am quite good at some web dev. skills, Java and python too. So, I want to work on this project idea because I found it under my niche and when I searched for DBPedia I found it quite amazing, also nvm I found it quite useful for wiki races(game). So, lets connect with each other, and can you tell me where to start, how to start?


Hello everyone!
My name is Eva Deltl, I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin and would love to contribute to DBpedia through this project.
I have good programming skills in Python, Java, and JavaScript, which I have gathered during my studies and working part-time as a DevOps engineer for the last year.
I have done a lot of script programming, which makes me appreciate great APIs and sparked my interest in this project. Due to my broad skill set and motivation, I think I would be able to make a useful contribution.
I look forward to exchanging and discussing ideas with you!


great, please get registered to DBpedia slack

@emarx I tried to sign up on DBpedia Slack using my email address, but I received an error message that says “The email address must match one of the domains listed below.” Unfortunately, my email address does not match any of the domains listed.

Is there any other way I can join the DBPedia Slack server?

Hi, I’m Siddhant Manna, a student at the National Institute of Technology in Srinagar. I’m fluent in Java, Python, and DBMS, and I’m interested in contributing to DBpedia’s GSoC program. I have experience in open-source projects and believe my skills would be a valuable asset to the team. Thank you for your consideration.

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Hello @evamichelle30 @sachinsh01 @sidrainman @tausiq2003 @atharvamarathe Thanks for your interest in the project, you can start with warm up tasks and preparing draft proposal using Google docs.
Keep us posted :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure!! Should I share the screenshot of the warmup tasks in the proposal?

Hello @evamichelle30. @sachinsh01@sidrainman, @tausiq2003, @atharvamarathe,

Let’s communicate over DBpedia slack.
If you are experiencing some problems, use the invitation below.
Ping me over there once you get in and share your proposal in Google Docs.