DBpedia Maintenance

Hello, I try to access all day http://dbpedia.org/page, and a maintenance message appears.
I presume the ontology is going through some sort of maintenance.
Does anybody know how much this will last, sry about the rush put I have send a study to a Conference which uses the Web API. Therefore, it would be nice to know when the maintenance will stop.

Thank you

Hi @valexande,
seems to work again. There is some unscheduled maintenance for some hours now and then. If you want to guarantee operation, you can use the AWS/AMI image or we also working on a docker for self hosting.
Could you post your study, if it is public or accepted?

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: .
Yes of course do you want me to post it somewhere specifically?, but unfortunately it wont be anywhere soon, the notification to the authors will somewhere close to 12/2 (European display of day month).