DBpedia lookup API

Hi everyone.

can someone tell me the “official” URL for the DBpedia lookup API? I’m finding both https://lookup.dbpedia.org/api/search/ (also http version) and https://lookup.dbpedia.org/api/, but neither one has been working consistently the last few weeks.

I’m asking because my students rely on the Lookup API for their Information Science exam project and have been emailing me that one or both APIs are down at times.

Can someone please clarify this?

ps: I am aware the SPARQL API is the most recent and probably the most reliable one, but these students have no knowledge of SPARQL.

The lookup has been reworked and ran into a memory issue due to a high amount of requests. It has been restarted and the issue is being worked on.
The official API remains at https://lookup.dbpedia.org/api/search?query=Leipzig for a more detailed search and https://lookup.dbpedia.org/api/prefix?query=Leipzig for faster prefix search (for auto-complete in text inputs)

Sorry for the inconvenience, working on making it stable again!

Thanks for the reply and your work! Good to see that the lookup API is maintained, it is still a very useful tool!

Hi, it was a bad configuration of the log4j policy which did not clean up outdated log files causing memory issues after a few months. Has been fixed and redeployed.
Special thanks to your students who made the discovery of this bug possible! :slight_smile:

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