DBpedia integration plugin for eccenca Corporate Memory - GSoC2023


eccenca develops knowledge graph based solutions for an agile data exploitation and company-wide data transparency.

eccenca Corporate Memory provides a multi-disciplinary integrative platform for managing rules, constraints, capabilities, configurations and data in a single application. Overcoming the limitations of traditional, application centric (meta) data management models, its semantic knowledge graph is both highly extensible, integrative as well as interpretable both by machines and business users.

We recently added a plugin interface to our platform which allows externals to extend the functionality of eccenca Corporate Memory in terms of Python-based plugins.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We eagerly look forward to working with you and will support you in anything you need. Once you get selected, we will assist you in your onboarding process and will grant you access to the eccenca Corporate Memory.


The results of the GSoC project could be a plugin which adds workflow and transformation functionality which use DBpedia infrastructure.

Examples could be:

  • Integration with the DBpedia Databus
  • Extraction of specific sub-datasets
  • DBpedia spotlight lookup
  • Build a DBpedia Machine Learning model (embeddings, deep learning) pipeline.

Feel free to submit propose your own idea, we are always looking for new ways of integrating knowledge graphs.

The plugin itself will be open source, and can be developed in the DBpedia GitHub space as well as published to PyPi. Corporate Memory users (admins) can then install the plugin to Corporate Memory and have instantly enabled their deployment to use your self-made DBpedia functionality.

The GSoC student will be integrated into the work of the DBpedia community as well as eccenca.

Warm-Up Tasks

Additional information

  • Project size: 300h
  • Language: Python
  • Difficulty: easy - medium


@emarx + @seebi

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Hey! I am Ananya Srivastava, a CS engineering sophomore with a specialisation in AI. I have previously worked with Python, text-to-speech and image processing before. I am also proficient in OOPs concepts. I have gone through the documentation of the python plug-in, and would like to work on this project. Where should I start?

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If you have gone through the documentation, I guess, the next step is to start writing your proposal :wink:

Hi mentors! I am Chaitanya, a pre-final year CS undergrad at the Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai. I have gone through all the warm-up tasks, read the documentation, and set up my own with the plugin development environment.

From what I have read so far, my understanding is that there’s a need to create plugins that transform data in DBpedia databases that would facilitate knowledge transfer to eccenca Corporate Memory.

Could you please guide me to some resources where I can get a better understanding of this problem? I am excited to learn more and contribute to this valuable project.

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Hi @cbisht ,

thanks for your contact, in fact, what we want is to integrate our software Corporate Memory which is a graph management platform into some existing frameworks through plugins, some ideas:

Hello, everyone!

I am Xueming Zhao, a sophomore majoring in Data Science. I am good at many algorithms and data structures. I have some experience with processing data with python by some libraries like numpy and scipy, and have learned some basic usage of eccenca, which allows me to take part in our work.

After finishing the warm-up tasks, I felt really excited about the plugin developing, especially building a DBpedia Machine Learning model pipeline(however, it might be kind of challenging to me), because I am deeply interested in machine learning.

It is my first time taking part in open-source programs, and I am looking forward to contributing to DBpedia.

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Hello @zxm14 , @cbisht , @ana42742 ,

Let’s start to prepare the proposal in Google docs.
Get access to DBpedia slack and let’s communicate over there.


Hi mentors!

I’m Yutong, a 2nd year computer science student. I’m very interested in this project. I’m familiar with Python and now doing computer vision research. I’m eager to explore new concepts, collaborate with others, and grow as a developer through this program. I have gone through the documentation and would like to contribute!

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@cnfionawu , @zxm14 , @ana42742 , @cbisht , plz get access to the DBpedia slack and share your proposal in Google docs with me.


Hi @emarx ,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m currently having some issues installing eccenca plugins. Could you please assist me in resolving this issue or direct me to someone who can? Thank you!

Hello @emarx,

I would value your early feedback on my proposal, which I shared with you via Slack. Your feedback will be essential in assisting me in finalising my GSoC application.

Thank you ahead of time.