Dbpedia extraction framework

Hey everyone,
I wanted to query wikipedia soccer player infoboxes for the following informations (name, team, team number, apperances, goals), but I was told that wikipedia infboxes is just a text and so, it can’t be queryable.
I wanna know if the dbpedia extraction framework is synchronized with wikipedia. for example: http://dbpedia.informatik.uni-leipzig.de:9998/server/extraction/en/extract?extractors=mappings&format=trix&title=Luka_Modrić
Is the values object are as up to date as wikipedia? and how to extract them?

The link/service you posted always fetches the latest revision from Wikipedia. So it is “live” w.r.t. Wikipedia. However, at the moment the DBpedia mappings and DBpedia ontology are not fetched live into this service. They are only updated when I perform it manually, since this service is actually used for GlobalFactSync Project.

@jfrey you didn’t answer my question, is there a way to extract multiple soccer players from http://dbpedia.informatik.uni-leipzig.de:9998/server/extraction/en/ ?

Then you need to write your question more clearly. I can not see the second question in your first post. But in a nutshell: No you can only get one Wikipedia Article extracted per request using the service you mentioned. You can get multiple soccer players per request using the SPARQL endpoint or you can get all the data by downloading the dump files.