[Databus Uploads] Errors when i try to download marvin dependencies

Hello DBpedia folks !

As we refined some data especially for the French DBpedia chapter, i wanted to push them back to the databus :slight_smile:
For i followed the last DBpedia Stack tuto 3rd DBpedia Stack Tutorial - YouTube

But when i am running the mvn validate i got errors related to the fact that the following dependencies are not availables :

Do you have any idea of what is the problem related to that issues ?

Thank you by advance,


@janfo ? @jfrey ?

yes I have. I think the archiva is down. @hopver or @janfo can help here to start it again

:ok_hand: thanx @jfrey

@cringwald we are in the middle of switching to the new Databus 2.0 and migrate, see dev.databus.dbpedia.org . It uses easier ways to post stuff, e.g. you need to post simple JSON-LD. So the question now becomes tricky:

You could use the new databus with curl -X POST but it will take some time to migrate. So you won’t be able to use and mix data with databus.dbpedia.org right away…

@janfo and me are talking next Wednesday about the timeline for this.

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Ok perfect :slight_smile: Happy to beta test it !
Givin you my feed back soon !

@janfo @kurzum Would I be able to migrate my collection from databus.dbpedia.org to dev.databus.dbpedia.org ?
I tried to create a new account on the new app but i got that problem :