DataBus: Availability of paid features, push notifications, payment providers and different formats?

I am working on an online service, which basically provides an web UI to display accessibility information about Points of Interests.

To complement it, an API / SPARQL endpoint is planned. I would like to use the following features:

  1. Pull public data, …
    a. by downloading a dump,
    b. by using an JSON-based REST-endpoint

  2. Provide paid features, like …
    a. versioned data sets,
    b. push notification when changes happened
    c. … access to closed data sets

  3. Use a payment provide to automatically pay online, when accessing paid features.

  4. Provide data in different formats: CSV, JSON, RDF

After reading available material about DataBus, the following seems already available:

  • (1a) downloading a dump
  • (2a) versioned data sets (for everybody),
  • (4) provide data as RDF via dump or SPARQL endpoint

I could implement all the features myself on my platform, but i am searching for some kind of a platform / market place, which helps data providers like me.

Are these features planned for DataBus? Is DataBus suitable for projects like mine?

Hi Konrad,

1a) downloading dumps can be done via clicking through all datasets relevant for you and use the add to collection feature and on the top right you can get the query, it is a union. You can also write it yourself of course. Databus SPARQL API is public, we also publish dumps of it.
1b) I don’t get 1b) Databus and DBpedia main are REST Endpoints and produce JSON, please clarify
1c) Databus is free, so you can get an account and upload your own dataset metadata

One current model is: Data dumps for free, hosting paid like the dedicated mirror of DBpedia on Amazon by Virtuoso
2a -> see 2c
2b -> push to what? like an email? we have RSS feeds planned. Do you want to push the data itself or the notification that new data is available? Please clarify.
2c -> look at the download URLs, the data resides somewhere else. So even Apache2 / .httaccess / .htpasswd is enough to close data. You can publish open samples and closed full datasets, all versioned in the same manner

We thought about complex solution involving WebID and WebACL as well as Blockchain. But a good solution can also be achieved by easy means. This needs further discussion, however. We are willing to help with that. It is on the agenda. Note the Geonames model: It is very compatible with the Databus. Let’s have a telco though.

Databus has files in any format and metadata in RDF. So you can upload JSON, CSV, whatever.
We are working on a “download as” client. Currently, it can download any RDF and deploy a virtuoso docker with a few command lines. So the publisher doesn’t need to put so much effort in it. Also third party mappings are planned.

Hi, thanks for the quick answer.

I was not sure which format DataBus is using. For me, providing data as API or REST-API/-endpoint is of interest, besides others.

That is good to know.

I would like to have a function to let my users know, when i have new data available or something existing changed. Could be done with RSS feeds or (Semantic) Pingback, or something else. Even an email could work as a start =) Notification with the changed data set would be great, but notification only would also be fine.

I would like to keep some parts of my database closed and provide it only for paid users. How this is done is not yet decided. Your idea with using .htaccess/.htpasswd is interesting, i have to think about it. DataBus should offer a way to provide paid data, by solving publishing and financial issues (e.g. get the money from the user, transfer my share to me, keep fees).

To keep the answer short, i will only say this: I prefer easy solutions. I don’t know Blockchain enough to have more than an opinion on it. Same goes for the other two. For my other online business, i use PayPal Plus successfully. Its integration is very smooth and straight-forward. Using adyen, stripe or similar may also be of interest.

Thats more like a convenience feature. If your data is table-based, it should come in different flavors. Or you provide something like an R2RML mapping.

Sure, i will contact you in the AKSW slack about a date.

One more thing: (paid) support

What’s also of interest to me is the support the organisation behind the DataBus can provide me as an individual / organization. Is the InfAI responsible or the DBpedia Association? I couldn’t find any information about services and plans/prices on also.


Could be done with RSS feeds

then RSS it shall be

DataBus should offer a way to provide paid data, by solving publishing and financial issues (e.g. get the money from the user, transfer my share to me, keep fees).

Planned, but not easy. Or do you know anybody else who can offer this?

DBpedia Association is at InfAI

Support is given now for free to use cases like yours helping us build a good platform. But we are mostly busy with fixing the last three issues in the DBpedia release process.