Contributing to DBpedia Ontology Management

Hello, I would like to contribute to DBpedia. I have experience working on Knowledge Engineering. My work involved creating Ontologies along with developing full stack project using these Ontologies. My technical skills include Java, J2EE, Protege, Top Braid Composer, Python, RDF, Android. let me know, what project in DBpedia I can contribute to.

Hey @shreelakshmi,

nice to meet you. We are currently performing FlexiFusion [1] of different library datasets.
For this we need to map the ontologies of GND [2], Geonames [3] and Musicbrainz [4] to the DBpedia Ontology [5]. We already have some mappings for tests [6].

However, we want to establish or deploy a mapping management platform on DBpedia Databus. First step is our prototypical owl:equivalent Property Service [7] (calculating connected components (same property clusters) using at the moment the data from spreadsheet - but this was inserted manually. So we would like to do this in a more systematic, automatic and holistic way (still following pareto efficiency for now).

We imagine at the moment the following components for the databus mapping platform:
A) A databus mod [8] analyzing the schema / ontologies of datasets (void stats number of used classes, used properties, and maybe a schema summarization graph for the entire group
B) a way to represent metadata of mappings on the Databus and associate it with files/artifacts/groups (need to be defined by us actually but maybe you know vocabularies to describe mappings we have a prototype so far here )
C) another mod which looks for mappings based on A) and B) and computes how well the dataset is mapped
D) a mappings dashboard where users can define/maintain mappings with the help of A) and B) and C)

If you find this as exciting as I do let me know.
I think a perfect start would be possible with part A) to dive into databus, dataid, databus-mod vocabulary etc. Important is that this scales up to very large files (so rdf needs to be streamed e.g.).
Just let me know.



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Hello @jfrey,

Thanks for the reply. I am interested in working on the components that are mentioned by you.
As suggested I can start with part A). Let me know how can I proceed.


Hello @jfrey,

To begin with, I understand we need Scala. Trying to run [8]. Am I in the correct path. Let me know, what all I need to proceed further.


Hey @shreelakshmi,
scala is not required. The example (prototypical!) online mod code is written in scala. So if you want to reuse that scala can be used. But I am fine with Java as well. So we have another mod which is not super complex which can deal as an example. I am on business travel at the moment. We can have a call tomorrow if you like. I 'll send you a PM.

Ok, I can build using Java. Sure. I can take call today or Friday. I live in India. Let me know your time zone as well. I work in my free time.