Commons ressources extractor problem

Hello DBpedians !
I have the feeling that Commons-page-link extractor is not able to catch wiki commons resources on the french wikipedia articles : the Databus artifact testify of that. The extractors is based on the “{{Commons}}” pattern generally used in other wikipedia, but in practice, the french editors prefer to use the {{Autres projets}} (Template:Sister project links - Wikipedia) template.

  1. How can i SPARQLing a request for knowing if only the french chapter is the only one touched by this trouble ?
    Fixing that problem seems to be sensitive :
  2. I have the feeling this practice prevents to trigger the Commons mapping. Isn’t it ?
  3. The {{Autres projets}} template aggregate more than just the “commons” links and could led to also extract wiktionnary links, wiki quotes… Have i to consider to just fixing it by a integrating a specific test case depending of the language in the given extractor file ? Or must have to consider the development of a new extractor for the commons links coming from this template ? Option 2 seems better, because of the potential other data that i can grab through that way, but i prefer to getting your expertise on that question !
  4. When i will have fixed it, what is the best way for pushing it ?

Thank you by advance !