CI for extraction framework on Github

Hey @jimkont , @hopver, @jfrey,
I was looking at the CI tests. but it is very weird.
The pom.xml says skipTests=true and the .travis.yml just says mvn clean install
It is like this for several years now according to git blame

Yes. I assume that this is intended. The CI is a build verification tool at the moment. It tests whether DIEF can be built successfully. There are probably tests which will fail because the code was changed but tests were not adapted or the code is deprecated and not used anymore.

better: it has always been
My question was more like: did mvn install -DskipTests=false ever run. Should be the time of Robert and Christian, when they were created and then someone deactivated them.

I have the vision that with the diffbot (once stable) and sansa parser the effects on extraction output can be monitored and measured.

Seems it was activated in this commit