Certain queries return no data (databus, latest-core, docker setup works fine)


I’m trying to run queries like below from DBpedia snorql query website but those time out almost always for me. I also want run queries using OFFSET and extract types like geo.

Following suggestions to install Docker and run DBpedia locally, I followed instructions here: https://github.com/dbpedia/virtuoso-sparql-endpoint-quickstart and I am happy to report that the setup works. Pages like /page/Gandhi loads correctly locally.

However, the below query does not work locally (just shows an empty table) and I suspect that is because the right dataset is not installed? I am using the dbpedia/collections/latest-core dataset.

SELECT (sample(?_label) as ?label) ?subject ?date (sample(?_birthPlace) as ?birthPlace) (sample(?_type) as ?type) (count(distinct ?o) as ?num) 
    ?subject rdfs:label ?_label.   
    ?subject dbo:birthDate ?date.
    ?subject dbo:birthPlace ?_birthPlace.
    ?subject dbo:wikiPageWikiLink ?o.
    ?subject rdf:type ?_type.
    FILTER (lang(?_label) = 'en')
    FILTER (contains(str(?_type), 'schema.org'))
GROUP BY ?subject ?date
LIMIT 10000

DBpedia snorql link for above query

Can you please suggest which dataset I should be using? I am looking to extract entities with some kind of dates (like birthDay) and geo:lat / geo:long data.

Thanks for your help!