Category Views and overcategorization on Wikipedia

I’m investigating category views on wikipedia.

Motivating story: Question - Imagine that I am a STEM educator and wanted to get a complete list of all on-topic categories, subcats, and page ids for just STEM articles on wikipedia. How would I do that?

categorylinks table is a non starter, as it’s too over categorized. Eg: botany->plants->coats of arms with plants.

I’ve proposed this in several different places: Wikipedia:Village pump (policy) - Wikipedia - Response check out portals, wikidata

h*ttps:// - Response - checkout wikiprojects

h*tps://,_their_subcategories,_and_page_ids - Response - checkout wikipedia categories :slight_smile:

h*tps://,_their_subcategories,_and_page_ids - response, none so far

h*tps:// - response none so far

I’ve proposed this - Wikipedia:Village pump (idea lab) - Wikipedia


By bringing these efforts together domain expertise + wikidata, I believe this would be a self-reinforcing way to help fix categorization on wp.