About the dumps of DBpedia Live

It seems like http://live.dbpedia.org/dumps isn’t working. In past, I managed to download dbpedia_dump_2015_06_02 dump (am interested in this specific dump only) from the aforementioned link. Could anyone point me in the direction where I can find this dump?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @anujsinghdm,

Please find here all relevant links and information: Where can i find DBpedia live dumps?


Hey @juliah ,
Thanks for the response.
I had a look at those links, but couldn’t find the dump ( 2015_06) I was looking for. I could only find the dump of 2015-04 and 2015-10. Also, I couldn’t find one single dump of the entire DBpedia, the link that you shared have distributed dumps like “Localiced Instances”, “Canonicalized Instances”, “Mappingbased Properties”, “Mappingbased Statements”, “Raw Infobox Properties”, “Raw Infobox Statements”, “Type Statements”.
Please let me know If my understanding is not correct.

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Thanks for your valuable suggestion.