Virtuoso with last DBPedia Dumps

Hello guys,
I have build the last DBPedia models (EN and IT) for Spotlight as you can read here: Consolidate Update Interval of DBpedia Spotlight

Now I have some entities that is not recognised by the online DBPedia such as:

So the first question is: what is the last update for the online DBPedia?

Now I want to create my Virtuoso installation from these models, because I need to run sparql query on the new entities, but I don’t understand which kind of files are needed to feed virtuoso and run SparQL query.

Can anybody help me?

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Hi @klaus82 w.r.t.
Q1: 2016-10 is loaded in public endpoint at the moment. In DBpedia Live you have recent data see. e.g.
Q2: You can use [1] to setup you own endpoint and use [2] as collection.


Thanks @jfrey
it seems that databus-download-min is removed from docker hub, so the docker-compose doesn’t run.
I fixed the docker-compose and make a pull request [1].
The databus-download-min is moved to [2] as the link in the github project page [3]


Ok thank you. Just for the record: databus-download-min is the local image name which requires that the image is built locally before. But there is only a hint for this step in the docu, not very user-friendly ;-). I think it would actually make sense to fetch both images from dockerhub and use an override compose file to build the images locally in case it is needed. That is why I did not accept your PR so far because we need to discuss that. But thank you for reporting the issue.

Hello @jfrey, one more question: the is made with the pre-release-2019-08-30 or with the old one?


live is live :notes:
live is updated with a delay of some hours from Wikipedia via