Modular DBpedia Chatbot - GSoC 2021

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@kurzum help!

Hi, @anbo, My name is E Liu, i’m a junior at Northwest Normal University, China.I am very interested in these projects, and have some ideas.I started warm-up tasks. Looking forward to your guidance and hoping to discuss with you to get your .

I’m having the same issue too! Any solution?

Hi all, dbpedia.herokuapp was a community contribution. I messaged the person who I think was the creator (Gustavo Publio). Let’s see. In the mean time please PM @juliah with your email and she can invite you.

Sure, Thank you!

@juliah Can you help me with joining the slack channel because I don’t have an email address!

@juliah can you send me an invite to the slack channel at


@maruyari done

@chaitanya done

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please also check here for sign up


Thanks for letting us know, I have already fixed the Slack app integration.

cc @ricardousbeck @kurzum

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Hi @perevalov I am an undergrad student from india and would like to have the opportunity of working on this project as I have an experience of 2 years working and researching on NLP and hence I would like to work on this project in GSOC 2021. Should I proceed with the Warm Up tasks?

Hi @shantanudube,

thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, if you are interested in the project, then we would suggest to start with the warm-up tasks.

Hello, I am Lucas Casagrande, I have 18. I am an Analysis Sistems student at Fatec in São Paulo, Brazil.
My experience Is just some scripts of competitive programming using Python.
Nowadays, I’m studying Data Science with the Joel Grus book “Data Science from Scratch”.
I’m looking for a opportunity to learn and join in my first big project with other students.

Hi @bighouse404,

thanks for reaching out to us. We are looking forward to your GSoC application. :slight_smile:

Dear Students. Please keep in mind to create your submission as early as possible. We, as mentors, can review your project proposal before the deadline and provide feedback, s.t., you can improve it.

Hi, I am very interested in this project and I hope to do my best in gSoc2021

I am Jianbo Wu. I’m a junior in NJUPT, China. I’m familiar with Python and Java. I’m looking for a opportunity to learn and join in my first big project with other students.

Dear students.

Keep in mind that you write a proposal for up to 3 projects. If you search for a similar project, then you might look into our second proposal for DBpedia: Context-Aware Geospatial Question Answering Component - GSoC2021