Modular DBpedia Chatbot - GSoC 2021

Hi, @anbo @perevalov and ricardousbeck,
I am Jayesh Desai and I’m a Final Year Computer Science Student from India. I came across to Modular DBpedia Chatbot - GSoC 2021 through the Google Summer of Code 2021 Organization page, I would like to work on the " Modular DBpedia Chatbot - GSoC 2021 " under anbo, perevalov, ricardousbeck, and I hope I would able to make a necessary impact with this project Speaking about my experience, I have earlier worked on Google DialogFlow, Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson with more than 2 years of experience I have worked with 5+ companies on different platforms for the chatbot development in my free time I work as a freelancer on, I believe I would be able to take my learning from the earlier projects and work on this one as well. I’m also quite familiar with the concepts of databases, APIs. I also explored the previous version of this project from the below link,
I would be happy to contribute to this Project. I have some questions regarding this project can I ask it over here or is there a specific slack channel for this project?

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Hello everyone we are happy that our project is interesting for you!

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@tathagata-raha sure, you can explore both projects at the same time and then decide what fits better for you.

@pawel UI is not the main point of the project, but still, we can discuss it. Yes, you already can check our warm-up tasks.

Hi, @perevalov
Do I need to submit any google form to let you know about warm-up task is completed or not.

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Hi @jayesh45,

thanks for reaching out to us. To my best knowledge there is no standard process to make statements about the completion status of the warm-up tasks. However, we only can make a final statement when Google is opening the application process. There might be something asked there regarding the warm-up tasks.

However, to get in touch with us, you might join the DBpedia Slack channel at and create a private conversation with us.


@anbo ok thanks you

Hi, @anbo @ricardousbeck
I’m Chaitanya, a final-year student pursuing my B.E. from Giet Engineering College, Andhra Pradesh, India. I have an interest in this particular domain named - Modular DBpedia Chatbot. I came across the limitations that were described above. I would like to contribute as much as I can do!

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Hi @anbo @perevalov I am Tanya. I am interested in this project. I went through the goals and tasks and would like to pursue it as a GSoC 2021 task.

However I am unable to join the slack channel. I have a few questions and suggestions regarding the project. Can anyone help me out in getting in touch with mentors for this project so I can engage in a discussion ?

Hi, what exactly is the issue with slack?

@ricardousbeck it says channel not found

ping @kurzum

@kurzum help!

Hi, @anbo, My name is E Liu, i’m a junior at Northwest Normal University, China.I am very interested in these projects, and have some ideas.I started warm-up tasks. Looking forward to your guidance and hoping to discuss with you to get your .

I’m having the same issue too! Any solution?

Hi all, dbpedia.herokuapp was a community contribution. I messaged the person who I think was the creator (Gustavo Publio). Let’s see. In the mean time please PM @juliah with your email and she can invite you.

Sure, Thank you!

@juliah Can you help me with joining the slack channel because I don’t have an email address!

@juliah can you send me an invite to the slack channel at


@maruyari done