Is there any core-data in any other language?

I am interested in the alignment in different languages. For example, I am looking for a data graph rich in like ‘’. However, I cannot find any other language expect English for latest core. I have noticed that the page above says ‘For users we advise to go to “Actions” → “Copy Edit” to customize the data for their own needs, i.e. switch or include other languages.’ But I can neither find the ‘Copy Edit’ in the Actions bar nor can I switch to another language. Is there anything that I can turn to? I am looking forward to help.

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you need to register for this. It creates a new collection in your user space, where you can switch languages of artifacts.

You need to look at:

Well, you can manually pick individual datasets from there or make a new collection and add them.

Another way: got to latest core → go to tab “Download URLs”, replace lang=en with whatever you need.

Thank you very much, I will try. :grin:

@russell-a it’s a couple thousand files and 22 Billion triples total per release plus extensions on top. We tried to simplify the process of selecting the files as much as possible.

I was trying to download the Arabic version of the latest core and I an still not able to figure out how this can be done.
Could you please advise or direct me to any instructions on how to do so @kurzum @russell-a