Irritating arabic ontology classes and properties in mappings wiki

Hi all, I have discovered a lot of arabic declarations I dont understand, which duplicate the exisiting and exclude me from accessing/checking their contents.
Reading the Mapping guide we say clearly in the Naming Conventions that we use “full US English words, this helps your fellow editors with searching”. What is the justification for that and what do we do ? Request deletion of these declarations ? Request to merge additional arabic contents in the existing stuff ? It would be nice everyone follows the convention rules. Thanks.

What do we do/can we do about it:

Prevention (Community and Admins)

  • DONE: We communicated with them in an open letter Urdu Class identifiers messing up the Ontology - Call for Action - #4 by jfrey
  • TODO: We need to identify the users. Please help here to collect the users by writing into the post linked above “concerning user:” < @mentioning their forum name> “;” < listing their mappings account name >
  • TODO We block the users they get unlocked if they request it

Cleanup (by Community)

  • If you find duplicate classes / properties: copy the arabic (most likely it is urdu UR and not arabic AR!!) name / descriptiion into the original English class, then delete the “arabic” one
  • If you find a meaningful class not existing: create an English one for it and copy the arabic name / descriptiion as into the new English class, define a proper parent class (subclassof) then delete the “arabic” one
  • if you do not understand with google translate what it is about. delete it and make sure that the original content is posted as comment (by default) then urdu mappers can “reintroduce” it properly in the future by looking at Deletion log - DBpedia Mappings if they really need it
  • as deletion reason you can select vandalism, in other words there is no justification for that